Saturday, 13 April 2013

Stylish industrial French Jieldé lamp in the store

This most amazing industrial lamp came into Flywheel this last week and it has been total love for us. It is a French Jieldé lamp, an icon in French industrial art and no wonder with the fabulous design...

Jieldé lamps were designed in the late 1940's by the French mechanic Jean-Louis Domecq, who was unable to find a satisfactory light for use whilst working, so he began designing the perfect solution to his required specification; simple, robust and flexible in movement to adapt to all working stations and production commenced in the early 1950's.  So we are very lucky to have a vintage one of these in store! 

But our favourite part of all is the base, made of vintage car disc brakes, adding weight and balance to the lamps in a perfect design solution that a mechanic would think of...

The Jieldé lamps are definitely no longer designated to the industrial settings, we are totally loving them in these extremely stylish interiors...

Hmm, we are all starting to think we want a Jieldé lamp at home too! 

Until next time, 
the flywheel team 

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