Thursday, 4 April 2013

New business cards for very special clients...

Well for ourselves really! We have been working on new business cards for The Drill Hall Emporium and we are so thrilled with them and just had to share the result.  We are so loving the beautiful deep impression of our logo into thick, soft textured card.  

lovely impression only achieved through letterpress printing 

We of course couldn't use lead type to print our hand drawn logo, so this is where more modern technology really comes into play with letterpress printing, with a photopolymer plate being made from our computer design.  So it is exciting to be able to letterpress print without being limited to what we have on hand....

photopolymer locked up in our Arab press ready to print

Here is our Arab press all inked up with our ink colour, such a play on the eyes with the colour almost looking a soft beige, purple...

We think our business cards perfectly sums up The Drill Hall Emporium: simple, natural, textural, yet a little bit luxurious. 

Until next time,
the flywheel team


  1. These are really impressive new business cards idea..keep it up it will helping me a lot..!!!

    1. Thanks Ali for the great comments!!

  2. The new Ebolaindustries' business cards emulate the lab slides. In addition ... Here's the x-ray of my last client broken finger as proof. Business ... Talking about special paper, here is a card made of really shiny paper. Business NLP

  3. Going with the deep impression really gave it a classy feel, partnered with that beautiful font. The simplicity only accentuates the print and makes the receiver notice it more. Good thing it was thick enough that the impression didn’t bulge at the back.

    Retta @ Turf Signs