Saturday, 15 June 2013

Delving into Australian typographical history...

While some of the flywheel team are enjoying themselves in Europe on our buying trip, those still at home in charge of the store, have perhaps more simple pleasures to keep busy with!  One of those was the printing of our business cards, as they seem to disappear very quickly and the other, was finally solving a mystery surrounding our typeface for flywheel

our new business cards, simple yet effective we think:
buffalo board, black ink & letterpress printed
 our lead type

As you can see we had our signage made to match our typeface as well:

We loved the idea of using our lead type for our signage typeface when we opened the store, as this particular type was in our first type cabinet that was part of the inspiration for flywheel.  We knew that our cabinet and type was Australian by the label F.T Wimble & Co. Ltd.  So it was with much excitement recently, that we found an original 1924 F.T. Wimble catalogue in a Hobart second hand bookstore and could finally solve the mystery of our typeface, in particular our very unusual "f". 

So here we go, mystery solved: our typeface is a mix of Canberra Bold Italic with our "f" being Myola Italic: 

Our only conclusion is that our "f" must have been mixed in with the wrong Canberra Bold Italic type in our cabinet at some stage, but it has made for our unique signage and business cards! 

On looking through the remainder of  the catalogue, all the typefaces are named after New Zealand and Australian cities and towns, perhaps to give a more local flavour to the typefaces as they all seem to be based on other typefaces from overseas. 

It was nice to see there was a typeface named after Hobart, quite a modern sans serif style, not really what one would think of for Hobart at the time perhaps?

So it would appear not a lot of typographical designing was going on in Australia, rather the re-naming of typefaces and we are still not sure what typeface Myola Italic was named after, so it would be great if anyone could fill us in!
Until next time,
 the flywheel team