Thursday, 18 July 2013

Vintage Shop Fronts

We love having an original vintage shop front at Flywheel.  Originally built for the town bakery, it has a beautiful timber frontage with large paned windows that we love creating different themed displays in, that are hopefully enticing to passing shoppers. 

Here is just a few of our window displays so far.... 

origami display made from our gift wrap books

typewriter display 

"Where in the World?" map and globe display

Mother's Day at Flywheel

more of our Mother's Day display... 

Paris themed this week

We have discovered that we are certainly not alone in our love of vintage shop fronts.  We have just recently created a Pinterest page for Flywheel, where we can indulge in our favourite loves and inspirations, including divine vintage shop fronts around the world: 

How visually enticing and delightful are some of these architectural gems?  Please be sure to check out our Pinterest page for more vintage shop fronts and our other inspirations, but be warned Pinterest can be very addictive! 

Flywheel on Pinterest

Until next time, 
the flywheel team 


  1. You've got great antiques in your Pinterest page! I'm sure you also have some of those stuff in your store. I read in Tammy's blog that you bought the French paper books. Are they also for sale or did you just use them for your letterpress? I wonder if I can still grab some of those paper books from your place. :)

  2. Hi Lorita, thanks for your comment! Glad you enjoyed our pinterest page. We do have some of the French books, they haven't yet arrived in the store, we are still awaiting of buying trip items, but if you would like to email us and we can send some photos when they are unpacked?

  3. These are pretty awesome shop front designs. Well now if you want to replace your door with bi folding doors then you can directly post your requirement on our website. We offer the bi folding doors at very cheap prices.