Saturday, 9 March 2013

Recycled and very vintage themed this week...

We have been so excited this past week or so to get our lovely Arab printing press working to his full potential with lovely recovered rollers.  So, Rachel has been treadling away printing, as there is no motor to help her on this one.   As we say she won't need a gym membership! Here is our Arab, we have named Lawrence, not totally original we agree, but what else could we call our press?  

Here are some of our new recycled range of cards printed off Lawrence this week.  We think we must be getting ready for Autumn, which is really the most beautiful time in the Derwent Valley, with our earthy warm colours.

We are totally loving the detail in the roosters design, this was printed with a block copyrighted in 1914 and still printing beautifully...

and other designs include this gorgeous childrens' primer, detailed dragonfly and super cool motorbike...  

Continuing with the vintage and recycled theme of the week, we also have to show these super cute Rosie & Robbie Doll Bags that have just come into the store.  They have illustrated pictures of Rosie and Robbie dolls on each side, and can be used as an every day canvas tote bag, and a very cute one at that.  When finished with as a tote bag, the illustrations can be cut out and sewn and stitched into a new design.

until next time,

the flywheel team

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