Saturday, 16 February 2013

New in store...! (and this is just some of our favourites..)

We promised last time to do a new in store post and it proved very difficult to pick just some of our favourites to show, but here goes! Firstly, are these stylish and luxurious leather pieces from Barbara Wiggins, London.. 

visitors books & pencil cases available in camel and dark brown

"Memories" photo albums in dark brown and camel

The quality and suppleness of the leather is a joy to hold.   Also, by Barbara Wiggins, are these fabulous photo albums with a crackle leather, giving that vintage feel, just so perfect for our store.  These are available in a duck egg blue, natural white and dark brown, and it is way too hard to work out which is each of our favourite colour as they are all so gorgeous.  

Barbara Wiggins photo albums, also pencil cases available 

Keeping with the leather theme are these Italian leather journals hand made in Florence.  Again, the softness of the leather is so divine.  The edges are hand marbled, so each journal has that unique hand made quality.  They have already been going to some lucky recipients for special presents including for a granddaughter's eighteenth birthday, what a lovely keepsake to receive..

handmade Italian leather journals 

Proving very popular since we opened have been these Japanese paper tapes.  We have now had a very extensive selection arrive... this is only a small part of our display... perfect for imaginative gift wrapping and decorating... 

Japanese paper tapes

Now, this has to be a favourite just based on the beautiful bottle, but there is even more to this bottled "1670" ink by J. Herbin, the worlds oldest ink production company.  It is named to celebrate 340 years of ink and wax production by this famous French company, now that is history! We also have a selection of J. Herbin inks and waxes now in store.  

Moving along to twenty first century requirements are these smartphone cases from Helveticus made from vintage Swiss army blankets.  We also have available in the range overnight bags, messenger bags, and slippers.  They are all very much in keeping with our vintage, practical and recycling thoughts here at Flywheel...  

But number one in quirkiness has to be this antique "shelf" that currently displays our Barbara Wiggins leather albums.   Already stylish with the brass bindings and supports and the rich red mahogany timber, it is actually metamorphic and converts to a table! We are thinking it is a campaign piece, so originally taken on military campaigns, but now such a talking piece.  

Well there you go, definitely an interesting selection of new items for the store with more on the way all the time.   

Until next time, 

the flywheel team

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